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Our soups, sauces, and dressings are all made here on premise which adds a unique twist to the typical tavern fare. We believe that our competitive edge is preparing our food from scratch. Take for instance our chicken tenders, instead of the typical frozen breaded chicken tenders we pound and bread ours just seconds before they hit the fryer for each individual order.

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Want to come in for a drink or bring the family in for a good meal? Or just have simple questions about our history or the things we do? Feel free to give us a call or send an email. We're always looking for constructive feedback.

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· Some of our popular menu items ·

  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    Come in and try out are delicious Chicken Caesar Salad. Made to order!

  • Salmon Caesar Salad

    Thought our chicken caesar salad was good? Try it with our tasty salmon instead.

  • Chicken Tenders

    Crowd favorite! Our golden brown chicken tenders are good with a side of honey mustard or BBQ sauce. For those who like it hot, grab a side of hot sauce!

  • Chicken Wings

    Our chicken wings come in classic, BBQ, and hot. Another crowd favorite!

  • Chicken Tender Bites

    Try our chicken tender bites. Ask to have them mixed in one of our wing sauces for an added bonus.

· About Rockwell's ·

Here is just a little slice of where we come from. Rockwell's has a rich history. Stop by to find out more.

Our Philosophy
Our goal at Rockwell’s is to provide each and every one of our guest with an environment that is reminiscent of times gone by, while celebrating our laid back “Small Town Americana” charm. Through the many rebirths from Sen Gerhardt’s, The Green Lane Tavern, Lulu Wellington’s, and what is now the current Rockwell’s we have always served as a place for people to meet and celebrate life. In May of 2011 Rockwell’s changed from a casual dining establishment with an emphasis on food, to its original tavern style feel. Our focus has been to accommodate a broad range of tastes, and do so in a clean affordable way.
Why We do it
Rockwell's is about long time dedication to the community and the preservation of our history. We store years books, memorabilia, and other interesting trinkets for our guests to look at and enjoy during their stay here. If you have anything that you think is historically intersting bring it down and showcase it.

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We're all friendly down here. Come in and have a great time with us.

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